Xencelabs Technologies Ltd., the leading developer of best-in-class digital drawing solutions for creative professionals, is ending the year on a high note, with significant market growth for its products around the world. The company’s ongoing expansion has seen the EMEA market double compared to 2021 in terms of online and offline sales, retail, and channel expansion.

Xencelabs worked extremely hard this year to bring their products to a wider audience in the

EMEA region. It is a testament to our team’s passion and dedication, as well as that of our regional partners that we have achieved such success. Our efforts will continue into the new year and beyond, and we welcome any enterprise/institution request for an onsite or online demo in the US & EMEA region.

The Xencelabs Academy is also now live on YouTube at www.youtube.com/@Xencelabs. This channel, overseen by Ian Sayers, Xencelabs’ Global Manager for Customer Engagement and Training Manager (EMEA), is designed to build upon and strengthen the existing global Xencelabs community, increasing engagement with users by sharing product training, tips and tricks, company updates and much more.

Meanwhile to celebrate the end of 2022, Xencelabs is offering December Christmas deals with up to 30% off, including the Pen Tablet Medium, Pen Tablet Medium Bundle, Special Edition, Standard Tablets, and the Quick Keys available on e-store and Amazon. During this period, the e-store has an exclusive Christmas gift of a free pair of gloves with all purchases of a Pen Tablet (Excluded Small). Promotional dates may vary depending on the region and their respective time zones; details are available on Xencelabs social media channels.

Finally, while the year is drawing to a close, Xencelabs can still be seen at some key events around the world. It is exhibiting for the first time at SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 (Stand F14), held in Daegu, South Korea from 6-9 December, and will also make its debut at one of Japan’s biggest comic related events, Winter Comiket (Stand 246), in Tokyo, Japan from 30-31 December. In addition, Xencelabs will return to Comic Fiesta (C033 to C038, Hall 2) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 17-18 December.

For more details of the Christmas deals, visit Xencelabs’ social media platforms: Instagram: @Xencelabs / @Xencelabs_US / @Xencelabs.EMEA / @Xencelabs. SGMY Twitter: @JapanXencelabs /@Xencelabs