August 24, 2023 – Leuven, Belgium —, a trailblazer in live content production tools, is set to debut its groundbreaking platform Cuez, at IBC 2023. This launch marks a significant shift in rundown creation and broadcasting automation in live studio shows, news, sports, eSports and other live events in the media industry.

Picture this: A journalist uploads a video from Times Square directly to the rundown in real-time, and it is immediately accessible to everyone involved in today’s broadcast. Whether it is the operator in the studio gallery, the editor-in-chief working remotely, or the audio mixer at an external location, Cuez unifies scripts, rundowns, assets, content, and technical notes into a single, accessible platform.

Empowering producers to craft captivating live content with ease has always been core to TinkerList’s mission. With the new revamped rundown solution, Cuez, we continue to lead the way in collaborative and automated media production. What does it mean? It means that production teams, both in technical and editorial roles, can collaborate effortlessly from anywhere, anytime, directly in the rundown.

But it’s not all. Erik Hauters, founder of, explains:

“As a director, I envisioned an environment where not only all participants of the editorial team and production crew can collaboratively create and adapt content during all stages of television production, but we also take media production to a whole new level by automating manual process as much as possible. Through an innovative, cloud-based approach, we aim to seamlessly integrate and sync all devices with your rundown via an open API. This ushers in a new way of working, where your workflow dictates what devices are being used, not the other way around.”‘s achievements were selected as one of eight innovation projects for this year’s IBC Accelerator Innovation Programme. Their project, ‘Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production’, partnering with champions BBC, ITN, TRANSMIXR, Yle, and TV2 and together with, Techex, Grass Valley, and ZIXI, empowers production teams to work:

  • Device agnostic: Synchronise rundowns with any kind of device, including play-out devices, graphical engines, prompter software, and more.
  • Gallery agnostic: Seamlessly connect to all devices, regardless of their location—be it a gallery, studio, or OB truck.
  • Hybrid: Switch effortlessly between on-premises and cloud-based work, adapting to broadcasting needs or unexpected and unforeseen circumstances.

Focused on the fast-paced demands of live-to-air broadcasting, the IBC Accelerator challenge aims to demonstrate how to decide and adapt the technical toolset needed for any given project at any given time while keeping the editorial producer workflow consistent and at the centre at all times and the user interface the same. This project emphasises the significance of standardised APIs for improved device interoperability. As software-driven devices gain prominence, invites broadcasters and vendors to join them in defining these industry standards through an Open Call collaboration.

Want to know more?

  • Catch the Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production project, showcasing its PoC and findings at IBC2023, Saturday 16th of September, from 10:45-11:45 at the Innovation Stage.
  • Visit at IBC 2023 Amsterdam / September 15 – 19, 2023, at Hall 7, booth 7.D08

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IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme

Cuez by TinkerList, the renewed and all-in-one rundown solution, offers these main features:

  • Automated Rundown & Studio

Connect any hard or software device on-set or in the cloud and control them directly in the rundown. Cuez automated Rundown allows to conveniently control your rundown with a press of a spacebar. Managing content elements has never been easier!

  • Collaborative Script & Rundown

With Cuez’s advanced Script and Rundown, you can collaborate and co-create with your team in real time from anywhere, at anytime. Live script & rundown updates allow you to keep track of your progress, always staying up to date.

  • Timing and Cueing

Control your live show’s timing easily with Cuez’s Timing and Cueing feature. It allows you to control your show and manage broadcasting with one fingertip, minimising human-errors.

  • Web Prompter

The Cuez’s web prompter mode allows on-camera presenters to conveniently follow the script on a teleprompter, while looking directly into the camera. This feature also allows to eliminate the need for paper scripts and presenter notes and go paperless.


About Cuez

Cuez, a product of TinkerList, is a revolutionary cloud-based script and rundown platform designed to simplify media production. Through collaborative features, automation, and user-friendly interface, Cuez transforms the way live shows, broadcasts, and events are created. Cuez envisions a future where technology, innovation, and creativity converge to create more efficient and collaborative live content production. For more information, please visit and