Grip factory put on an impressive show with the GF- Primo and Quad Dollies as well as the GF GF-Tele Jib and GF-Sliders at BSC 2022

Grip Factory Munich – GFM is a leading manufacturer of carts, cranes, support equipment and cameras and is known for producing the highest quality products. This year at BSC expo GFM featured the GF-Primo Dolly, GF-Quad Dolly, GF-Tele Jib and GF-Sliders, as well as a range of GFM accessories. Founded in 1999, GRIP FACTORY MUNICH has strived hard to become a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality camera accessories to serve the professional film community.
Their mission statement tells you all you need to to know about their intent to be the best in the business.

“Our mission is to develop and produce camera support equipment that is innovative, effective and of the highest quality. Our focus and philosophy on building superior equipment, combined with a dedication and commitment to customer service and satisfaction, has grown throughout the years. We place a high value on long term relationships with clients, suppliers and all those working in the field.​”

At the GFM plant, the team take pride in the highest production values. GFM’s team of highly trained and experienced engineers, machinists and technicians, each striving for excellence, works to create the final product. Qualified CNC machines using the most up to date CNC turning and milling machines, certified and qualified aluminum welders guarantee an efficient and modern production process. GFM products are hardened using a proprietary process (Hart-Coat(r)) that provides a hard, scratch-resistant finish to protect and extend the life of any equipment.

At this years BSC expo the GF-Primo dolly gained a great deal of attention. Since its introduction in 2009, the GF-PRIMO DOLLY has gained a reputation for being both innovative in its design and extremely reliable under tough conditions. It’s become the dolly of choice for a vast number of Grips and DOPs as well as being a rental house favourite. The GF-Primo features a one touch gearbox for selecting front, rear and crab steering, as well as telescopic and inclining steering rod Steering from 5 points.

The GF-Primo Dolly has been used in countless feature films and high end TV productions.

To find out why it the GF-PRIMO DOLLY is so admired check out the video below!

To find out more about GFM check out their website