Audio Schemes build fantastic New Studio for DJ Fresh

Audio Schemes Limited, a well-established recording studio design and build company, recently completed a new studio build for Daniel Edward Stein better known as DJ Fresh.

DJ Fresh spoke in glowing terms about the work carried out by the team.

“Audio Schemes recently built my new studio. I heard about them from a friend who had them design a set of studios for a difficult space in London and he was blown away with their work. Having experienced a bad room, which I’d tried everything and everybody to remedy (Including some of the most established studio builders in the country) I  know the importance a good room has on your output.

If you can’t hear what you’re doing it’s not only impossible, with all the tools in the world, to get a good mix. More importantly it stifles your creativity and makes working with audio frustrating and unenjoyable.

“The room the guys built sounds FANTASTIC, and Most incredibly being in a former garage much to my surprise I couldn’t hear a pin drop outside or above even with the crazy bass and volume that I work with. The boys were an absolute pleasure to have around and I genuinely miss them being here. Thank you so much Nick, Jordan, Dan and Danny for everything .. I’m sure your hard work will reap benefits for years to come.” Dan DJ Fresh

Nick from Audio Schemes told GBIN  “We offer our services to clients in the UK and further afield, we cater for commercial and domestic clients, building high performance spaces within realistic budget constraints and just as importantly on time.”

DJ Fresh, is an English musician, DJ, record producer and AI software engineer, best known for making electronic music. He is one of the principal members of the drum and bass group Bad Company alongside Darren White, Jason Maldini and Michael Wojcicki (Vegas). He also owns and runs the drum and bass labelBreakbeat Kaos with Adam F.