It integrates the entire system into a single ‘working desk’ for education

Veenendaal, The Netherlands _ 6 November, 2023

WebClip2Go will be using their attendance at OEB in Berlin (Booth C13) to unveil the radical new redesign of their WebClip2Go DIY studio, which now eliminates almost all of the traditional hardware components of a studio, whilst still achieving real-time rendering and processing using only its powerful software configuration. The elimination of many units-worth of rack space not only saves energy, space and cost, but also simplifies the setup and maintenance process, and makes the studio even more accessible to non-technicians and those with no professional background in video production.

The revolutionary new implementation of the WebClip2Go system still maintains the core philosophy and functionality of the original system, which itself represents an innovative new method for video production that allows anybody to make a video in mere minutes. By effectively reversing the production/editing process and having users develop the ‘edit’ template before shooting their footage (which can even be achieved just by creating a standard PowerPoint to trigger content, script and transition prompts), the user then merely needs to enter the studio, deliver their scene or presentation to camera, and the video is assembled and rendered immediately. With an increasing range of automated features also, the video presenter can take a truly hands-off approach to the creation of their video, focusing only on delivering their content clearly and compellingly.

The net result is a video production system which allows those with no experience at all to create videos that have professional-grade production values, but which have been assembled, shot and delivered in a fraction of the time. Moreover, the use of a template structure means that the creation of repeated videos with similar formats – such as those used for educational content – becomes even easier. The system has a proven track record in the field of education, with a number of universities across Europe integrating as many as four WebClip2Go systems across their faculties, allowing both students and teachers improved ways to communicate knowledge.

The new ‘reduced hardware’ setup brings all of this innovation and power and reduces its physical and environmental footprint. Even though the original WebClip2Go system was already small enough to fit into existing spaces far smaller than a conventional TV studio – such as meeting rooms or offices – the new ‘hardware-less’ setup makes it even more compact. This makes it easy for organisations to take existing facilities and quickly and easily repurpose them into studios, without the need for complex conversion. All that is required is the core WebClip2Go box, along with teleprompter, camera, microphone and light.  This vastly reduces the amount of cables, the number of points of failure, and the required space for the hardware. Moreover, it allows for near 100% remote maintenance and upgrade, and reduces the number of external buttons and connections which a non-technical user might accidentally interfere with, thus reducing the capacity for user-generated errors.

In addition, this reduction in hardware has allowed WebClip2Go to integrate the entire system into a single ‘working desk’. Capable of integrating both a PC and screen for the creation of Powerpoint templates, and a touch screen for drawing overlay comments during delivery of the video, the desk is electrically adjustable in height and holds the entire system. Cables with sufficient length are attached to the desk and roll out to the prompter, the camera(s), the microphone(s) and the light, making the system compact, clean and streamlined, and minimising trip risk and installation complexity.

Speaking of their attendance at OEB, CEO Gerrit Bulten said: “OEB is one of the most important events in the annual calendar for us, and with each passing year the centrality of video in educational delivery becomes more and more apparent. Right from the beginning, the WebClip2Go system was ideally placed to meet this need in the most straightforward, easy-to-use way possible. Now, with the incredible strides we’ve made in taking all of that original hardware power and making it possible to achieve using only software, we are more confident than ever that people will immediately recognise the value that WebClip2Go holds for educational institutions of all sizes”.

He continued: “Moreover, OEB will give us an opportunity to engage not only with direct end-user clients, but to also meet with potential distributors as we seek out business partners who share our vision and drive, and recognise the inherent appeal that the WebClip2Go system has for potential customers”.

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About WebClip2Go

WebClip2Go offers high quality video production tools that aim to revolutionize the way in which content is created, drive down the cost of creation, and make professional-level video production more accessible to all. As an offshoot of Burst video – broadcast and AV integration specialists for 30 years – WebClip2Go brings the innovation of a start-up with the expertise and wisdom of an established player. By fundamentally changing the workflow associated with traditional video production, and scaling back equipment needs to the point that production can be achieved with one man, one system and one camera (or multiple cameras), WebClip2Go is democratizing the process of producing professional quality video – with application across fields as diverse as education, corporate, fashion, retail. Be it a product or instructional video, informative or education content, or entertainment. No crew, no piles of gear, no fuss. Just broadcast quality video. Fast. And lots of it.