Installation sees addition of Spanish language to teleprompter speed control 

Veenendaal, The Netherlands _ 20 June 2023

WebClip2Go today announces completion of the sale of their innovative production studio system to the University of Granada. Installation of the new system will enable the academic staff at Granada to augment their teaching with the production of in-house educational and explanatory videos that supplement student learning and allow them to access valuable resources in their own time, and at their own pace.

The University of Granada (UGR)  the fourth largest university in Spain and primary Erasmus destination for European students – was founded in 1531 by Emperor Charles V, and now maintains a student base of 60,000 students across campuses in Granada, Ceuta and Melilla. Ranking highly in the delivery of linguistics, computing and mathematics courses, the University of Granada is committed to providing progressive and innovative ways for students to engage with their learning.

The WebClip2Go system provides exactly this potential. Available in six different configurations, UGR were able to select the system that met their needs in terms of functionality, technical output and budget. The Presenter System selected by Granada incorporates everything needed to create a miniature studio; including camera, mics, light, teleprompter, control unit and greenscreen, and thus allows for presenters to deliver lessons, lectures and videobites to camera, using a greenscreen background and range of professional video effects to augment their message. The University of Granada also added optional tablet functionality to their setup, allowing them to draw images onscreen as they present. Installed within a DemVox soundproof booth to reduce outside disturbance, the system takes up a marginal on-site footprint.

But it was not just the small footprint that attracted UGR’s interest. Unlike other video production systems, WebClip2Go turns the editing system on its head. It allows users to pre-load templates, script and video elements – including greenscreen background, colour grading, transitions, titles, clips, illustrations, animations, music and audio effects. The script is then fed to the teleprompter (which uses speech recognition to regulate the pace of display), and presenters enter the studio to deliver their presentation in a single take, with transitions and elements added automatically and rendered immediately. This eliminates the need for post-production editing, and means that teachers can re-use template elements to create videos quickly and maintain a consistent aesthetic across their outputs.

More than this, through use of the PowerPoint module – also selected by the University of Granada in their installation  users are able to setup and load these templates simply by creating their content in a PowerPoint presentation. Commands within the PPT trigger transitions and other elements, whilst the slide itself provides the greenscreen background, and the notes section provide the script that appears on the teleprompter. This remarkable ease of use means that anybody can be trained to deliver a video to camera without any need for additional experts, in the space of just 15 minutes.

Speaking of the way they will be using the system, Marisa Garcia Arias, Audiovisual Communications Engineer at University of Granada said: Delivering an exceptional learning experience to our students is a top priority at the University of Granada. Increasingly they are looking for versatile ways to learn, especially as many are Erasmus students who may travel internationally and not always be present for on-site lectures. The WebClip2Go system provides remarkable potential in allowing our teachers to create reusable resources, in turn granting them more time to engage meaningfully with students in one-to-one contexts. The ease-of-use also means that we can actually allow our students to utilise the system, providing innovative new ways for them to output their learning, whilst arming them with practical, employable skills.

Gerrit Bulten, CEO of WebClip2Go, said of the installation: The march of WebClip2Go across the major educational institutions of Europe continues apace. This extension into Spain also sees us add speech recognition for Spanish, alongside our existing capabilities in English, Dutch, German and Norwegian  and we will be adding new languages at the request of new clients as we continue our European expansion. We are pleased and proud with the feedback we received from the University of Granada, not only in relation to the capabilities of the system, but the quality of sales, service and installation that has supported the process.

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