The Presenter systems have been installed in Deventer and Enschede

Veenendaal, The Netherlands _ 13 December 2023

WebClip2Go today announces completion of a recent deal with Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Saxion Hogeschool), which saw the installation of two WebClip2Go Presenter Systems at locations in both Deventer and Enschede. These Presenter systems have been integrated into the Kaltura Media Asset Management System – which the university already uses – and thus allow teachers to create new content and deliver it through their established e-learning streaming platform.

Saxion University, established in 1998, provides over 100 different applied courses to a student base of more than 27,000. Priding itself on the delivery of forward-thinking, technology-led education, it is not just the subjects themselves which focus on technological innovation, but the teaching delivery methods also. Resultantly, the university supplements all of its in-person teaching with online videos which students can revisit at their own convenience, providing a learning experience that is both more flexible in terms of student access, and more targeted towards individual learner needs. They reached out to AV system and solution providers Cue Support for consultation and advice, and after careful analysis of the university’s needs, Cue Support were able to confidently recommend WebClip2Go.

With the WebClip2Go Presenter System, tutors are able to create their own unique, reusable video lessons and educational clips, using PowerPoint to create both the content and structure of their video. Once created, teachers simply deliver their video to camera in a single take, with the video rendered immediately. Green screen background, colour grading, transitions, titles, video clips, illustrations, animations, music and audio effects are automatically inserted according to the prompts set within the initial PowerPoint template. With no need for post-production editing, the system can be used by anybody with only fifteen minutes of training, and grants the ability to produce multiple professional-grade videos using the same underlying template in a very short space of time.

When combined with the fact that videos can be repeatedly re-used as educational resources across classes, this speed of production maximises the efficient use of teacher time and ensures that teachers can devote themselves to delivering improved one-to-one contact time with students, rather than delivering repetitive lectures or creating a constant output of learning resources. A number of universities also grant student access to the studio – which itself is small, self-contained and highly automated – allowing students a novel way to produce knowledge outputs that incorporate real-world, employable skills in a way not matched by traditional essays, reports or exams.

Commenting on the sale, WebClip2Go CEO Gerrit Bulten said: “This recent implementation at Saxion Hogeschool is a strong indicator of WebClip2Go’s growth – not only in terms of market penetration and the increasingly extensive use of the system across universities in Europe, but also the growth of the system itself: integrating an increasing range of innovative functionalities that benefit students and teachers alike, whilst all the while avoiding additional complexity. Ease-of-use remains at the forefront of our thinking, and WebClip2Go remains highly innovative in the way that it turns the video production process on its head, making content creation readily available to everybody, with no need for professional experience”. He concluded: “We’re very proud to have two systems installed at Saxion University, whose mindset towards the deployment of innovative technology in higher education has always been leading in the field. Much thanks must be given to Cue Support, who have proved to be exceptional and like-minded supporters of the WebClip2Go philosophy and product range, and are instrumental in helping us communicate the potential of our system to a wide range of customers”.

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