Las Vegas, NV April 11, 2024DigitalGlue is excited to announce the debut of its latest storage solutions, the //CLOUD and the //EDGE-X storage server, at the NAB Show 2024. Tailored for the content creation industry, these offerings are designed to provide scalable, secure, and cost-effective data management for businesses and creative professionals. Attendees can experience these innovative solutions firsthand at booth SL9081 and apply for the chance to win 10 TB of //CLOUD storage. //CLOUD: Scalable and Affordable Storage for Creative Teams

DigitalGlue is introducing a cloud-hosting option to the award-winning platform as a compelling option for creative teams needing an off-site collaboration solution. By leveraging patented UltraIO technology,’s //CLOUD storage servers provide unprecedented performance, data protection, and efficiency through the ability to offload CPU tasks to GPUs. //CLOUD customers have access to a dedicated node that provides the same features and experience as DigitalGlue’s on-premises systems, including desktop mounting, link sharing, HTTPS transfers, and more. While users have the option to stream data over the internet for remote editing, DigitalGlue also provides the option to host Mac Studio workstations for screen sharing access that are networked to cloud storage with a 10 GbE or higher connectivity. This provides a separation between the user and the data for added security, while also leveraging the new high-performance mode option in MacOS Sonoma for remote editing at the highest quality over low bandwidth internet connections. Offered at only $195/month for 10 TB, this solution stands out for its affordability and scalability, making it an ideal choice for creative teams.

//EDGE-X: Compact and Efficient Storage Server

The //EDGE-X server is an all-flash SSD-based storage server featuring all of the functionality of the platform. Its compact form factor and lack of spinning disks make it the ideal solution for on-set storage, including mounted directly to a tripod. Productions can ingest directly from cameras from vendors such as RED and Blackmagic Design over a network connection using the web app, instead of having to shuttle capture cards. The //EDGE-X is adaptable for many use cases, easily integrating with the //CLOUD. The //EDGE-X is available for $250/month for 15TB, under a 5-year contract paid annually, offering an efficient solution for creative professionals.

Combined Offering for Comprehensive Data Management

DigitalGlue also provides a bundled solution that includes 15TB of //CLOUD storage and the //EDGE-X server for a total of $445/month, based on a 5-year contract paid annually. This package is crafted to offer creative teams a comprehensive set of tools for efficient digital asset management, enhancing their ability to collaborate and produce content effectively.

No Hidden Fees and a Unified User Experience

The platform delivers a consistent user experience across desktop and web applications, with features such as desktop mounting, media browsing, and file transfers. This uniform approach ensures a transparent pricing model, with fixed monthly or annual rates and no additional user access or task-specific fees.

Launching at NAB 2024: A New Era of Content Creation Collaboration

DigitalGlue is proud to introduce the //CLOUD and //EDGE-X server at NAB 2024 in booth SL9081 and offer attendees the chance to win 10TB of //CLOUD storage. These products aim to transform the way creative teams manage and collaborate on digital assets. By offering a mix of on-premises and //CLOUD storage solutions, these products are set to streamline content creation workflows, addressing the industry’s need for secure, accessible, and cost-effective data storage solutions.


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