Brain Audio’s new sound post facilities are up and running in North Greenwich, opening withan exciting slate including delivery of full score and sound post on a Netflix fantasy adventure series, directed by Tom Brass at Jellyfish Pictures, and Steven Eastwood’s latest feature film The Stimming Pool. Meanwhile, the interactive team is in the midst of delivering full immersive audio and score on an exciting new VR application for Headspace and Meta in conjunction with Nexus Interactive.

Brain Audio is an independent audio post studio creating exceptional sound and music for moving image.

Brain Audio’s spacious new facilities include:

● Dolby Atmos mixing theatre
● Dolby Atmos edit suites
● Foley stages
● 360° Spatial Audio / Interactive / VR / MR / AR production space
● High-end voice recording studios
● Score recording and mixing facilities
● ADR and loop group facilities

The studios are designed for all aspects of TV, film and immersive audio post-production.

The core creative team is headed up by composers and sound designers Tom Haines and Chris Branch (25+ years as Brains and Hunch) and highly acclaimed re-recording mixer Steve Bond. Senior producer Becca Laurence oversees the vast output of this busy, independent sound facility. The Brain Audio family also includes many specialists, including sound designers, instrumentalists, interactive audio programmers, foley artists, and a diverse roster of composers. Clients include Marvel, Dreamworks, Disney, Google, The BBC and Channel 4.

Becca Laurence, senior producer says, “If clients and collaborators aren’t creatively energised when they work with us, we’re not doing our job properly. Technical aspects of production should melt into the background, giving headroom and respect to creative freedom on a project. Brain Audio is a lively and vibrant place to be, and our clients love this.

Chris Branch (co-founder and director) says, “Brain Audio has a distinctly hands-on approach to sound and music production – our microphones are always primed! In the studio it’s essential for us to keep an analogue / digital hybrid approach bringing the real world into all of our soundtracks. This means always going the extra mile on foley, or capturing live elements in a score, whilst maintaining the speed and flexibility of cutting edge digital workflows. The way we’ve set up our new studios both physically and digitally means we can go from microphone to VR headset in a matter of moments. It’s genuinely thrilling.”

Tom Haines (co-founder and director) adds, “Brain Audio is utterly committed to independent filmmaking and art, offering up world class talent in an affordable and creative facility. For us, art and commercial work have a symbiotic relationship – the riskier cutting-edge artistic practices often nourish our commercial work.

Film director Steven Eastwood says, “Working with the team at Brain Audio has been a joy. The musicianship, skill, versatility and incredible attention to detail they’ve brought to creating original score and sound design for two of my feature films is exceptional. These were both complex projects. Brain Audio embraced the brief, were great collaborators, and took the film sound to a level beyond our wildest imagination. They have the whole package!”

Steve Bond, re-recording mixer at Brain explains, “We have created a unique environment where composers, sound designers, audio developers and mixers are working side by side, both physically and creatively. We can deliver a bespoke package for scripted, non-scripted, animation or immersive projects at the highest creative level through our carefully honed, agile workflows.”

Kit Critchley, head of studio operations says “North Greenwich’s Design District, with its vibrant ecosystem of creative businesses, and top quality amenities, is the perfect home for our stunning new audio post facility. The studios are just 30 mins from Piccadilly Circus, 3hrs from Manchester Piccadilly, and 5 stops from London City Airport, so we couldn’t be better connected.”