Surrey, UK – 25 June 2024Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company, today announced the rollout of a state-of-the-art broadcast technology solution for Prestonwood Baptist Church, a thriving community of over 59,000 people located in Plano, Texas. Delivered as a major upgrade strategy for its main auditorium and global broadcast infrastructure, the new MRMC setup has 18 cameras, including 15 dedicated to broadcast and three for point-of-view shots.

The previous broadcast and streaming setup comprised outdated robotics and limited camera capabilities, which impacted the church’s ability to fully realize its vision for dynamic and immersive broadcasts. With several services filmed each week and 15,000 weekly online viewers, Prestonwood chose to invest in MRMC broadcast robotics to efficiently deliver their services in a way that also benefits their volunteers and community.

The new installation combines track and pedestal robotics placed in asymmetric positions within the pews. An MRMC QRS-1 Quiet Rail System with an FR-7 PTZ adds gentle motion to wide shots. An FR-7 is also mounted on an LLS-1 Lift System next to two Ulti-Heads mounted on SLH-1 Lifts that provide tight follow shots using large broadcast cameras. In addition, three TRH-1 Track Robotic Heads with PTA-2 Robotic Arms provide multiple angles and height options around the auditorium.

One of the key features of the MRMC system is its seamless support of live performances, where unpredictability is the norm. With the addition of MRMC robotics, Prestonwood can now capture every angle and moment of its services with precision, clarity, and subtlety. The partnership between Prestonwood and MRMC also extended beyond the installation, with close collaboration and training enabling the volunteer production team to fine-tune the system and explore its capabilities.

“The flexibility and dynamic movement provided by the MRMC robotics energizes the content we create, and our viewers at home feel more engaged,” said Bryan Bailey, Director of Media at Prestonwood Baptist Church. “The system’s smoothness and ability to set up a camera with a head-to-toe shot and have this run automatically will free up the operators to focus on other things, a great choice for when we are short-staffed.”

“Prestonwood’s decision to update its setup with advanced robotics represents a significant investment of time, resources and faith in the potential of new technology,” said Paddy Taylor, Head of Broadcast at MRMC. “It sets a great example for other churches that are also looking to expand the ways they can spread their faith and vision.”


About Prestonwood Baptist Church

Prestonwood Baptist Church is a dynamic congregation, with people from all over the North Texas region who have come together for a common purpose – to study God’s word, worship Him, to do His work, and to reach the world with the Gospel message.


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