Ghent, Belgium, July 9th, 2024 – With two months to go until IBC 2024 in Amsterdam, media technology innovator Limecraft is inviting attendees to visit booth 7.D11 during the event for a demonstration of better ways for media content producers to plan, create and collaborate. As one of the earliest mediatech companies to incorporate AI into a customer solution, Limecraft has consistently called for AI to be deployed more effectively in media and production, referring to this as Media Intelligence.

“The industry buzz around AI started a couple of years ago but we’ve been working with it for over a decade now,” comments Limecraft co-founder Maarten Verwaest. “It was the very reason why we created Limecraft in the first place. AI can take on lots of heavy lifting by automating laborious and repetitive tasks but we see that most AI solutions deliver incomplete and inaccurate results. The signal-to-noise ratio is often very poor because AI-driven activities like image recognition or facial recognition were never designed with original content production in mind. By contrast, Media Intelligence blends AI with relevant human input such as scripts, production briefings and call sheets. By applying subsequent normalisation, we have achieved superior confidence scores and true multi-modal indexing that supports editorial decision-making.”

“When we look at the challenges our customers face, everything boils down to three core activities,” adds Head of Product Nico Oorts:

Planning a production – designing, customising and automating workflows.”

Creating by ingesting, finding and managing content from anywhere.”

Collaborating by pre-cutting, tagging, editing and commenting on content in real time. In each of these areas, Limecraft is using Media Intelligence within its unified platform to accelerate and simplify workflows, improve efficiencies and deliver more accurate results.”

Another topic being highlighted by Limecraft at IBC is hybrid storage: “The utopian world of high-performance, flexible and cost-effective cloud editing and storage has not yet materialised,” Maarten Verwaest suggests. “High-volume content producers are still having to choose between the cost advantages and convenience of local storage and the mobility benefits but high recurring cost challenges of cloud storage. We have created a better way called Cloud Connector which enables you to keep content wherever you prefer – locally or in the cloud, or both. Cloud Connector is a secure local software agent which opens up full two-way upload and download to the central Limecraft platform so you can still easily locate, manage and share content. Our customers find the case for this hybrid approach compelling because very few cloud storage solutions can offer the same critical blend of performance, flexibility and price.”

Limecraft will be exhibiting throughout IBC 2024 on booth 7.D11 – to book a meeting with the team in Amsterdam please go to


About Limecraft

Loved by award-winning creators and trusted by the industry’s largest content producers, Limecraft offers a fresh approach to managing your video workflows. From preproduction to postproduction and delivery, we help producers and storytellers improve collaboration and create more compelling content.

Limecraft’s cloud-based solutions enable content creators to store, manage and share everything from the first rushes to thousands of masters, easily and securely. We help you keep track of locally stored assets and use AI transcription and image recognition to index content and automate repetitive work, letting you focus on creative story editing.

Limecraft Workspaces can be easily customised for specific formats like scripted TV, documentary and non-scripted entertainment, getting you up and running in minutes. Delivery logic helps bridge the gap between content producers and broadcasters/streamers by handling file transfer, traffic management reporting, metadata, version control and communication between all stakeholders.