Pixellot, the leading provider of AI-automated sports production, has teamed up with Playermaker, an award-winning sports technology company that specialises in wearable devices for tracking and analysing players’ technical and physical performance.  

Pixellot‘s system, which incorporates automated video and analytics to capture and analyse every moment of the match, will now provide teams with faster and more in-depth analytics. By incorporating Playermaker’s technology, Pixellot‘s platform will now allow teams to track and analyse every aspect of a player’s performance, from passing and kicking to speed and distance travelled, all on one video platform. This level of detail helps coaches identify areas for improvement and fine-tune training and game programs to maximise performance.  

Pixellot‘s system is used to capture matches and events at any level, from youth leagues to professional teams. Playermaker’s technology is designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, so it can be worn comfortably by players during games and practices. The data collected by Playermaker’s sensors will now be automatically integrated with Pixellot’s videos, creating automated video clips that contain full statistical data.  

“We are excited to join forces with Playermaker to bring a new cutting-edge technology solution to the world of football,” said Pixellot CEO Alon Werber. “The combination of our video and analytics platform and Playermaker’s unique data will provide teams with a comprehensive understanding of player performance, helping them make more informed decisions and win. The tagged, synchronised video and statistics are a real time saver and game changer for coaches.” 

The collaboration between Pixellot and Playermaker will bring a new level of precision, efficiency, and detail to football analytics, helping teams optimise training programs and drive better results on the field. The ground-breaking footwear-mounted technology that captures data from the source of motion will now offer synched video to revolutionise the way sports teams and organisations track and analyse the performance of their players. 

“In Playermaker, we always seek collaborations and integrations that allow players and coaches to maximise their performance,” said Guy Aharon, CEO of Playermaker. “The integration of video and motion tracking, already being used by the world’s best clubs, allows advanced automated video and embedded analytics for all levels.” 

Pixellot will showcase this integration at the United Soccer Coaches Convention, happening from January 12 to 14 in Philadelphia, where it will be exhibiting its solutions at booth 909. 

Watch the demonstration video here