Melbourne, Australia – 9 July 2024: Mediaproxy, the global standard for software-based IP compliance solutions, has further expanded the capabilities and scope of its LogServer compliance monitoring system through integration with AI-Media Technologies’ recently launched LEXI Recorded self-service captioning and transcription platform.

This is the latest development in the ongoing partnership between Mediaproxy and fellow-Australian broadcast technology developer AI-Media. The closed caption specialist was originally a Mediaproxy customer, but the two companies have since been collaborating more closely, beginning by integrating LogServer with AI-Media’s iCap cloud network.

Founded in Sydney in 2003 with the aim of making television programs more accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing viewers, AI-Media has developed a full range of captioning technologies to generate, distribute and display subtitles for a variety of broadcasting and streaming platforms. These include viewing systems and encoders, with its core offering being the LEXI AI-powered toolkit. Among its features are automatic captioning, translation and disaster recovery capabilities.

LEXI Recorded is the latest addition to this suite of tools and was launched in February this year. It is a cloud service designed to deliver fast turn-around captions for Video On Demand along with transcriptions and translations of broadcast output. Like LogServer, LEXI Recorded is file-based, which has allowed for easy integration of the two systems.

Mediaproxy announced at the 2024 NAB Show that LogServer is now able to work with LEXI Recorded, providing outputs from its logger/recorder that are taken into the AI-Media system for captioning, translation and transcription purposes. “Our technology is also fully integrated into LogServer, enabling broadcasters to create a transcription on-demand of video content by simply selecting an in point and an out point on the clip they want captioned and sending it to LEXI Recorded from within the LogServer software,” explains Declan Gallagher, general manager of sales for the Asia Pacific region at AI-Media. “The use case is primarily for compliance reasons. If a broadcaster was asked what went to air and didn’t currently caption that channel, they would be able to quickly turn around a transcript of the content in question. Integrating further with LogServer has given our new service – and our users – a high degree of functionality and flexibility for an increasingly important aspect of broadcasting.”

Mediaproxy’s chief executive, Erik Otto, comments: “The integration of LEXI Recorded is an important addition to the features of our LogServer product and gives a great deal of flexibility in the crucial area of captioning and transcription. The partnership with AI-Media is a long-standing one and is only getting stronger. We are pleased to be working with such dedicated experts in this specialist field and helping to provide better accessibility for a wider TV audience.”


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Since 2001, hundreds of engineers around the globe, rely daily on Mediaproxy’s unified software solutions for 24/7 monitoring, analysis, multiviewing and capture of live video from broadcast and OTT sources. With support for the latest formats and standards including 4K, HEVC, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110, NDI, HLS, MPEG-DASH, SRT, Zixi, ATSC 3.0 and DVB-2, Mediaproxy consolidates analysis of on-air incidents, content search and ad verification via easy-to-use web browser and mobile interfaces. Compliant with current broadcast and IP streaming regulations, Mediaproxy supports all current industry standards for Closed Captioning, DVB Subtitling, SCTE-35, SCTE-104 and loudness. Whether on the ground or in the cloud, broadcast monitoring, analysis and compliance functions can be performed all in one place.
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About AI-Media
Founded in Australia in 2003, AI-Media is a pioneering technology company specialising in AI language and captioning workflow solutions. As a global leader, AI-Media provides high-quality AI-powered live and recorded captioning and translation technology and solutions to a diverse range of customers and markets worldwide. For the first time in February 2024, AI-Media unveiled groundbreaking data showcasing the superiority of its AI captioning product, LEXI, over traditional more expensive human workflows. With deep industry experience and sophisticated AI technology to create solutions which streamline and simplify processes, AI-Media empowers leading broadcasters, enterprises and government agencies globally to ensure seamless accessibility and inclusivity of their content. AI-Media (ASX: AIM) commenced trading on the ASX on 15 September 2020.
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