On 23 May at the Telstra Customer Insight Centre in Sydney

SYDNEY, 17 May 2024 – The 2024 SVG Australia Summit is where leaders in sports TV and video production take to the stage to discuss the most recent trends and workflows that can make a difference in the way content providers serve video to viewers. At this year’s summit Magna Systems’ technology partner TAG Video Systems will have their VP of Product Strategy Michael Demb as one of the key panel commentators on a session entitled The FAST Channel Revolution.

Traditional linear TV viewing was thought to be a thing of the past but the rise of FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming) Channels are giving new life to linear viewing. In The FAST Channel Revolution panel session moderated by industry stalwart and Owner/Publisher of Content + Technology Phil Sandberg, Demb and fellow industry experts will discuss how to launch a FAST channel, how to find success and why it’s something everyone from clubs to leagues to channels should be investigating.

Demb said, “As FAST channels revolutionise global media consumption, the inherent challenges of streaming technology become paramount. Delivering high-quality video content over the internet introduces complexities that demand robust monitoring solutions to ensure seamless viewer experiences and protect revenue streams. In the FAST landscape, where audience satisfaction and monetisation are inextricably linked, monitoring tools play a critical role in optimising workflows, maintaining video quality, ensuring ad delivery and ultimately, driving success in an increasingly competitive and technology-dependent environment.”

The established partnership between TAG Video Systems and Magna Systems delivers substantial value to APAC media companies. Their collaboration offers localised support and direct communication channels, ensuring a seamless experience as customers explore, test, and implement TAG’s comprehensive media monitoring and visualisation solutions. By combining TAG’s cutting-edge technology with Magna’s regional expertise, this partnership empowers media companies in the APAC region to optimise their workflows, enhance quality control and gain a competitive edge in the evolving media landscape.

The FAST Channel Revolution panel is part of the 2024 SVG Australia Summit and on from 2.15 – 2.55pm on 23 May at the Telstra Customer Insight Centre in Sydney

Phil Sandberg, Content+Technology, Owner/Publisher
Michael Demb, TAG Video Systems, VP of Product Strategy
Tara Carlton, Seven Network, Executive Producer – 7SPORT Digital
Amanda Leighton, Amagi, Executive Director – Oceania
Tony Moran, Grass Valley, Regional Sales Director – Oceania
Andrew Mott, Champion Data, Head of Broadcast and Design

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Magna is a seasoned company that has been providing a competitive advantage for its customers in the broadcast and telecommunications industries through timely adoption of innovations with minimal risk of disruption for over 50 years. Summed up as Secure Innovation, Magna de-risk a first-mover advantage and safely takes its customers to where their competitors haven’t gone yet. Magna offers comprehensive sales, service and support across the entire Asia Pacific region from its offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand and Singapore.


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TAG Video Systems is the global leader in software-based integrated IP probing, monitoring, visualisation and analytics solutions. TAG enables broadcasters, content creators, and service providers to streamline operations, cut through the complexity of IP media workflows, and keep infrastructures ahead of shifting technology and demand with Zero Friction agility. The TAG platform empowers users with innovative toolsets to ensure video quality, improve overall efficiency across all media workflows, and provides invaluable business and operational insights. https://tagvs.com