WILMINGTON, Del., September 5, 2023 — Alongside research and innovation in wireless and AI technologies, InterDigital, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDCC) is enabling diverse and immersive video experiences while innovating solutions that mitigate energy consumption. InterDigital will showcase cutting-edge video innovation at IBC, one of the industry’s leading content and technology shows taking place in Amsterdam from September 15 – 18, 2023. At IBC, InterDigital will showcase an array of research contributions to video codecs, advanced HDR solutions, and pioneering innovations in energy aware media technologies at the Media Coding Industry Forum (MC-IF) and Ultra HD Forum booths, and the IABM Lounge.

At the MC-IF booth, located in Hall 8 at Booth B45 (8.B45), InterDigital will spotlight VVC contributions and energy aware media solutions that help reduce a video screen’s energy consumption by intelligently optimizing pixel brightness. The featured demonstration, “DVB Native IP End-to-End VVC Encoding of Energy-Aware HDR Content,” was designed by InterDigital alongside ATEME, ENENSYS, and IETR as part of the collaborative 3EMS2 project and proposes a method to reduce energy consumption by adjusting the peak brightness of the HDR screen. The adjustment is made possible by a Versatile Supplemental Enhancement Information (VSEI) message at the encoder side that indicates the extent to which the screen’s peak brightness can be reduced, while maintaining the objective quality of the HDR content using SL-HDR technology. The demo will leverage InterDigital and partners contributions to the VVC codec, which is capable of a 40% reduction in bitrate on streamed video with no perceptible decrease in image quality.

At the Ultra HD Forum booth, located in Hall 10 Booth C09 (10.C09), InterDigital will showcase demos on energy aware media and Advanced HDR solutions. Specifically, InterDigital will demonstrate pioneering innovations in Pixel Value Reduction (PVR) solutions that balance the ability to reduce the brightness of an image, and consequently reduce the amount of energy consumed, while maximizing the perceived visual quality to the viewer. As global video consumption grows, InterDigital’s solution makes small reductions in pixel brightness, which cannot be perceived by the viewer, amounting to colossal energy savings across billions of screens and devices worldwide. In addition, InterDigital’s contributions to Advanced HDR by Technicolor® solutions will be shown in the demonstration of an “Effective HDR/SDR Single Master Workflow with Dynamic and Static Solutions,” alongside partners BBC, KPN, LGE and Ross Video. The demo will address the challenges of producing premium HDR live events and deriving SDR content in a single workflow, ensuring that creative intent and highest quality content is passed to the consumer, whether in HDR or SDR, UHD or HD.

Advanced HDR by Technicolor® solutions, developed jointly by Philips and InterDigital, will also be shown at the IABM Lounge at IBC. Advanced HDR by Technicolor® is a suite of High Dynamic Range (HDR) production, distribution and display solutions that leverage machine learning technology to maximize image quality and enhance the consumer viewing experience. The demos will showcase the increasingly important role Advanced HDR solutions play in broadcast and streaming services, especially in delivering live sports and events. Advanced HDR is offering invite-only demonstrations of Dynamic Conversion Solutions and Efficient Solution to Deliver Premium HDR and SDR Services.

“We’re excited to return to IBC to display both the quality of our video innovation and the value of our industry partnerships and collaborations,” said Lionel Oisel, VP, Head of Video Labs, InterDigital. “Our engineers contribute to the cutting-edge capabilities of video codecs and new energy aware media solutions and our collaboration with industry groups like MC-IF and Ultra HD Forum help amplify our impact.”

Alongside the demos, a technical paper jointly developed by InterDigital and Philips addressing their research collaboration on video-based immersive codecs will be presented at IBC. The presentation will detail the real-time implementation of InterDigital and Philips’ jointly developed evaluation platform for use cases that utilize the MPEG volumetric (V3C) and 2D video standards (VVC, HEVC) and explain how the platform enables interoperability within existing and emerging XR ecosystems and can be applied for new applications like telelearning, free-viewpoint sport replays, and 3D telepresence. Philips Senior Scientist Bart Kroon will present the technical paper at IBC on Saturday, September 16 from 11:45 – 13:15. Learn more here.

In addition, InterDigital’s Erik Reinhard will participate in a partner session on “Unlocking Sustainability: Innovating a Greener Future in Broadcast and Media,” joining the discussion on behalf of ITU-R. The session will invite diverse industry experts to share and discuss sustainable strategies that harness the ability to drive positive change and inspire collective action. The session will take place on Sunday, September 17 from 14:00 – 17:00. Learn more here.

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