dedolight Eflect is providing tools which haven’t existed before. Two new surfaces have been released: Tropical Orange and
Tropical Blue.

Tropical Orange generate blues, greens and aqua and you can increase the green by minimizing the angle of reflector to light, or
you can increase the blues by increasing the angle.

Tropical Blue reflects auburn reds, yellows and gold and is unique in the results which can be achieved. Cosmic looking results are possible.

dedolight Eflect are bendable, warpable, multi-mirror reflectors available in various sizes. The large size is 18 x 18 inches, the
small size is 8 by 8 inches, with one even smaller 7×10 cm Eflect reflector available.

New to market is Eflect XL – Eflect XL is 31 x 31 inches and is available in silver and gold – and the new colors: Tropical Blue and Tropical Orange.

Eflect can be used as a background generator or to reflect patterns onto subject and background.

Eflect is part of the dedolight Lightstream system – the most complete system in reflective light.

dedolight Lightstream, including dedolight Eflect, is enhanced and supported by the magic dedolight parallel beam intensifiers – available for 50 focusing dedolights; these are used in combination with a range of reflectors specific to dedolight Lightstream.

It is difficult to describe dedolight Eflect and the results of the new surfaces. View movie below for an overview of the dedolight Eflect – here we see dedolight Eflect being used practically and the myriad of results which can be achieved.