– A unique opportunity to test Cooke lenses in a controlled environment –

Cooke Optics will launch an exciting new Zoom lens at EnergaCAMERIMAGE 2022 (details to be announced shortly), and offer Cinematographers the chance to try the new Varotal/i FF and S8/i FF ranges, as well as a selection of other lenses.

Cooke will be present in the market area at CKK Jordanki, as well as an exciting off-site location where Cooke will create a controlled test environment including a 4K screening room with high-end laser projector. It will allow visitors to properly showcase the attributes of Cooke lenses and the famous Cooke Look™.

The Cooke test room at the historic Hotel 1231 in Torun Old Town will feature a shooting set offering a controlled lighting environment for day and night interiors and a selection of cameras. Directors of Photography can shoot test footage with their choice of lenses and cameras, have the footage transcoded and graded on site, to get a real-world feel for the images that the lenses capture. For information and individual booking requests please email Carey Duffy, Cooke’s Director of Product Experiences, at [email protected].

Cooke will host an Open House 4-8pm every day of the Festival in Hotel 1231, with Cooke product experts and Optical Engineers on hand to discuss lens characteristics and answer questions.

Every morning during the Festival Cooke will hold a technical seminar in the screening room, as well as a daily student seminar on Cooke optical philosophy, aimed specifically at Film students, which will be followed by a hands-on demonstration in the shooting Test Room in Hotel 1231.

Due to limited capacity, admission will be strictly ticketed. For more information and to reserve a spot, please visit www.cookeoptics.com/camerimage

EnergaCAMERIMAGE 2022 takes place from 12-19 November 2022 in Torun, Poland.

Hotel 1231 is located at Przedzamcze 6 in the heart of Torun Old Town, just ten minutes’ walk away from the main Festival venue and amid the Festival screening locations.