ComLine, enters the booming UK Broadcast Market.

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ComLine Distribution in step with the times

ComLine a Major German distributor of IT for the Broadcast industry, believes now is the time to set up shop in the UK, they have started offering their extensive product range to customers in the UK. Offering choice in the booming UK broadcast, production and creative industries.

The Evolution of ComLine.

Every business has to be constantly evolving if it is to keep in step with the times. This is especially true at present, since the increase in digitalisation is turning many processes completely on their head and which in many areas requires a complete change in thinking. New business models are emerging, while old ones become unprofitable and in some cases are even forced out of the market. These are challenges that every enterprise and every entrepreneur now have to face. At ComLine we are constantly translating what we learn into change processes, from the introduction of specialised business units through to the redesign of our CI, website and web shop. This means that today we are in a good position to provide resellers and manufacturers with practical, intelligent and user-friendly service tools, programmes and processes, and also that we will be able to continue providing distribution in step with the times in the future.

See for yourself the exciting business opportunities that the ComLine current product and service portfolio has to offer. ComLine work with some of the biggest brands in the industry including Avid, Data Video, Teletream, Matrox and Many Many more leading brands in the Broadcast Industry

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ComLine The perfect choice

ComLine is a distributor that combines a high degree of professional expertise and outstanding market knowledge with the great personal commitment of our staff. For many manufacturers, ComLine is the perfect choice of distributor for direct access to their target markets and customers. The way we act is determined by the need and the desire to generate sustainable, high-margin business for our customers and manufacturers.

Key expertise 
We develop marketing strategies, reseller programmes and sales concepts for our manufacturers, and implement them reliably and at short notice with resellers in the market. Our excellent digital toolbox and highly efficient digital processes, raises the cooperation between resellers, distributors and manufacturers to a new, unique service level.

Latest logistics processes with extensive digital interfaces Specialised business units for Apple and App-Business, Software and Microsoft, Basics and Periphery, Smart Home and Smart Living, Digital Audio and Digital Video Unique, highly efficient digital sales and service tools Special expertise in the development and implementation of selective sales concepts

A team for your success 
Our local team can respond to your individual needs and challenges of today’s market. With our long-standing distribution experience, we can support you and your customers. Call us!

Comline calls

 Solution oriented

“We can support you in calls for tenders and projects, thanks to the relationships we have with our suppliers. Our commitment does not end with the sales. Whether it’s a request for assistance, warranty or a repair, our technical team will assist you.” ComLine.                                                                           

Premium – Product control
All the products we sell are chosen by their high quality and absolute reliability. Before recommending a product, it is tested to ensure it meets our requirements.

Solution oriented
Our range of products for the UK market is constantly evolving. However for ComLine, the product offering is not the only answer. We offer you solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Comline Distribution scaled


A simplified process

“Visit our internet page and register as a new ComLine partner. All you need to do is provide us with a business profile from your company, stating your activity as a reseller for software / com- puter equipment / audio or video products. You can download the supporting documents on our website or request them by e-mail to” [email protected]

Efficiency – Our strength is to your advantage
Take advantage of our perfectly organized logistics network, optimized processes, a range of products constantly evolving and carefully selected by our product managers. Make an appointment with our sales team to obtain additional information on our terms of sale.

Get in touch with the UK Team

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